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  • deer hunting ozone generator scent killer inside gear bag
  • deer hunting ozone generator scent killer eliminate odors inside your truck or vehicle cab
  • deer hunting ozone generator recharges easily via microUSB charge cable anwywhere
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BoneView MAX Ozone Can - Go Anywhere - Destroy Odors

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  • MAX OZONE OUTPUT - Quickly deodorize a large hunting closet, storage bin, or vehicle cab in "High-Output Purge" mode (up to 50mg/hr) or choose "Efficiency Cycle" mode for up to 2-days of run time on internal, rechargeable Li-Ion batteries.

The days of scent killer spray and carbon lined clothing have come and gone in our mind. Ozone has proven to be one of the most effective ways to remove odors from your hunting clothing and gear.  And it's incredibly easy and convenient, not to mention it can be used over and over again! Now featuring powerful and efficient Li-ion batteries.

Just toss the BoneView MAX Ozone Generator into your gear bag, tote, or hunting closet between your hunts to completely remove all scent from your hunting gear and other contaminated items. This also works well to eliminate odors in your car or truck before heading to your deer stand to prevent carrying over any smells that could spook your prize.

Humans should avoid breathing Ozone directly, so we have designed this product for use in confined spaces up to 100 cubic feet. Ozone output is optimized for battery life and minimal oxidation risk to treated rubber/elastomer based gear.

Additional Details


Ozone Coverage: up to 100 cubic feet

Ozone Output: up to 50mg/hr

Mode duration:

"Purge Mode" - 2 hour run time, achieves this 3-4x per charge cycle.

"Maintenance Mode" - 2 day run time, achieves this 1x per charge cycle.

Input: MicroUSB charging 5V/1A

Battery: Internal Rechargeable Lithium Polymer (included)

Package Contents:
1 x Portable MAX Ozone Generating Odor Eliminator 1 x Micro USB cable for charging via any standard USB adapter Note: USB adapter not included

Download User Guide here.

How many hours of ozone generation will I get on one charge cycle?

"Purge Mode" - 2 hour run time, achieves this 3-4x per charge cycle.

"Maintenance Mode" - 2 day run time, achieves this 1x per charge cycle.

How does ozone scent elimination work for deer hunting?

Let's start with what ozone is.
I am betting you have likely already smelled ozone before. Talking with many hunters, they often refer to it as the crisp, fresh smell after it rains. This smell is coming from the ozone produced as a by-product of lightning. Even if you don't actually see a strong lightning storm there will still be small, trace amounts of lightning produced ozone in the air. Ozone is also produced when ultraviolet radiation from the sun reacts with oxygen. In both scenarios it is using high energy sources to split the O2 (oxygen molecule). 
The usual method for this process is called corona discharge, UVC ultraviolet light works as well. These now freshly single oxygen atoms end up pairing up with new already coupled and stable O2 molecules, making for a third wheel in this new relationship ultimately creating an ozone (O3) molecule. This ends up being a "super oxidizer", and this is where the real magic happens. This powerful molecule effectively oxidizes, breaks down bacteria and odor molecules, and effectively works to neutralize them.

To learn more on how effective this has been found for deer hunting please read our blog post HERE>

Also, it may help to read the reviews of hunters that have already had great success using ozone in the reviews below.

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