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Wireless HotToes | Lithium Battery Powered Remote Control Heated Insoles

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Never let cold toes cut a hunt short! BoneView's Wireless HotToes provide hunters with up to 115°F On-Demand Heat inside of your favorite hunting boots. 

Simply pull out your existing insoles and replace them with our rechargeable, lithium battery powered heated insoles for simple, silent, and scent-free warmth where you need it most!

Will fit in most standard boots or shoes sized 9.5-13 (US male size). May be trimmed at the toe following cut lines to fit the smaller size. 

Kick on the heat when your sit is getting long and your toes are begging you to get out. 

Remote control power On/Off, High, Medium, and Low temperature. Low temperature will get up to 5-hrs on a full charge, and High temperature will achieve 2 or more hours before the batteries deplete and need to be recharged.

Easily recharge by using the included double micro-USB cable and standard USB wall adapter, included in the package. May also recharge on the go using and standard USB charge adapter or battery pack if necessary. 

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