BoneView Apps

Please find appropriate App below, based on the model of BoneView card reader you have. Note: Each model works with it's own app, they are not cross-functional. You can only have one app on your phone at a time to work right.

New BoneView for iPhone Users with Orange Corded Edition:
New BoneView SD Card Reader for Apple iOS iPhone & iPad with Cord
You need the "BoneView" App found in the Apple App Store.  The link is:


Android Model Users:
Depending on the make and model of your Android phone, you may or may not need an App.  Most newer Android models will work directly with our products without the need for an App.  If your phone needs an App, or you are looking for some additional functionality, we recommend the following "Files by Google App" found in the Google Play store or at this link below. Simply install and navigate to "USB3.0 Card Reader" found within the "Browse" tab in this app.