Top 3 Tech Products For Chasing Mature Whitetails That Cost Under $30

Without question, technology is changing how we deer hunt.  Today's latest electronic products can significantly increase your chances at harvesting a mature whitetail this fall.  But technology doesn't always equal expense; Here is three highly recommended technology hunting products that cost less than $30 each.

1) Smartphone Trail Camera Viewers

Trail cameras are super popular amongst whitetail hunters; but are you using your camera in the most effective way? For years, hunters would make extra trips into the woods to gather trail camera pictures - often times pushing deer off their property and leaving unnecessary scent behind.  Today's most savvy hunters only enter the woods when its time to hunt, and they position their cameras so they can check pictures on their way in or out of the woods.  The easiest way to do this is with a smartphone trail camera viewer.  The BoneView Trail Camera Viewer ads less than 3oz to your pack, doesn't require batteries or cell service and is super reliable.  You can save your "hitlist" pictures to your phone and delete the card before re-inserting it back into the camera.  It is also very easy to send your pictures or share them on social media.

*Pro Tip - Set your camera in a location where you will be walking by it on the way to your stand.  Arrive at your hunting location 30 mins early, and use the trail camera viewer to check the camera on the way in.  If activity is high in that area, climb into the stand and hunt.  If activity is lower than expected, head towards your next camera/stand setup!

BoneView Trail Camera Viewers - Android $18.95  iPhone $22.95

2) Ozone Scent Eliminators

The days of spraying liquid products on all of your gear right before heading into the woods are over.  These liquid scent products and soaps just weren't effective enough to beat the nose of a mature whitetail.  The entire industry is switching over to Ozone Generators for removing scents and odors from equipment.  Ozone has long been used for removing cigarette smoke from car interiors, mold/mildew smells from basements and bacteria from areas that need to be sanitary like laboratories and hospitals.  Today ozone is even being used to remove body odor and sweat from sporting equipment.  The verdict on how safe ozone is to breath is still out, so we recommend grabbing a small ozone unit to keep in your gear bag or tote (i.e. not in your breathing zone, car, etc.)  It will put an ozone purge on your gear, ensuring it is scent-free when you are ready to hit the woods.  Best part is, they last for years and cost about the same as one of those old-school spray bottles!

Lithium-Ion Powered Ozone Scent Eliminator $29.95 Each or 2-Pack $39.95

3) Battery Powered Hand Warmers

It's long been known that you can't shoot a deer unless you are out hunting.  Typically the best days of the season are after those first big cold snaps, where temperatures plummet 30 or even 40 degrees in a matter of hours.  On top of that, deer movement is highest in the first 45 minutes of light and the last 30 mins after the sun has gone down.  In these conditions, your hands, feet and core will start to feel the cold.  Cold can hinder a hunters ability to draw a bow, or aim accurately.  Even worse, it can force you out of the woods early.  Luckily, technology has once again solved this problem.  Lithium-ion hand warmers provide more heat than the old chemical packs.  In addition, they are completely silent and scent free!  As a bonus, they typically come with a built-in flashlight and USB charging capability to keep your phone charged throughout your entire hunt.  Check them out here!