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KastleKam Tactical HD Video Camera + Laser Sight + Light - Picatinny Rail Mounted

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KastleKam is a weapon mounted video camera specifically designed for recording home and self defense encounters.  In todays ever-changing environment around firearms, it is imperative you have video and audio evidence of any encounter to prove your innocence, should you have to use deadly force.

KastleKam's HD video and audio camera is combined with a laser sight and blinding bright flashlight in this compact machined aluminum housing.  It mounts directly to a Picatinny Rail on pistols and ARs.  A remote pressure switch is included for AR applications. We also sell a 12/20 Ga Picatinny adaptor for shotgun barrel application.

KastleKam has 4 modes of operation:

1) Camera recording + Laser + Light

2) Camera recording + Laser

3) Camera recording + Light

4) Camera recording + Strobe Light

Once the mode has been selected, the device is one-button operation.  Simply press the button on either side of the device (located next to trigger guard on pistols) and the device instantly turns on and records.  On ARs and shotguns, simply mount the pressure switch near the trigger guard for simple, one-button operation. 

The device can record up to 20hrs of video on included microSD card.  The device will begin loop recording once it has filled up the card.

Should the video not provide helpful evidence for your case, simply throw the min-SD card away, no questions asked!